Tile roofs

In our residential and commercial facilities,
we use a foam adhesive called PolyPro® that holds the tiles in place.

Best Method for Installing Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are primarily decorative and rain water will run underneath them.  Using nails or screws to fasten tiles to the roof simply punches holes in the waterproofing underlayment. The roof on a typical home will end up with literally thousands of puncture holes. Each of these punctures is a leak waiting to happen.

We use a foam adhesive called PolyPro® that locks the tiles in place.  It doesn’t need nails or screws, so it won’t puncture your waterproofingunderlayment.  PolyPro® won’t corrode or rust like nails and screws.   It has 50-100% greater wind resistance than either nails, screws or cement.  Another benefit is that it fills the void underneath the tile while increasing it’s breaking strength.  If the tile breaks it will actually stay in place.

The PolyPro® was designed to withstand the extremes of nature including the winds of a Category 5 hurricane.

The best tiles for your roof

The only roof tiles that are designed in preventing water to run underneath them are the original two piece pan and cover barrel tiles.  The bottom tile creates a channel in the shape of a ‘U’ and the cover then is placed on both sides, thus preventing rain water to flow under the tile.

We can greatly increase the life of any tile roof using by a premium rubberized underlayment paper that comes with a 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Most Popular Roof Tile Profiles Available In South Florida.

Tiles Readily Avalible



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