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Solar Panels in Miami, Florida

​For the past couple years the cost of solar panels have decreased tremendously. The price of solar panels varies depending on several factors. After all you want to make sure that you get the best quality panels that will serve you for a lifetime. It’s important not to base your purchase decision on the solar panel cost alone.

Secure investment

Utility companies are very notorious for their ever fluctuating prices and unreliable electricity. When you use solar energy you are protecting your home or business from those factors.

Increase home value

As a smart homeowner, having a solar electric system adds significant value to your home and provides you a high degree of protection from future electric utility costs that will go up as the oil shortage will be inevitable. Solar systems gives you a low risk way to invest your money in the long run as solar power is undeniable sustainable and predictable.

Why Solar?

  • Clean electric generation
  • Stable electric cost
  • Backup power for utility outage
  • Fight climate change / global warmingergy future
  • Strongly dislike buying electricity from the utility
  • Feeling of empowerment
  • Sending electricity back to the utility (net metering) is cool
  • Higher resale value for my property
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Construction LLC

Our Services


We provide support to help our clients to achieve their goals related with energy savings.

Applied engineering for current and new clean power systems.

Counseling about technical viability, environmental, legal and enterprise financiering.

Project feasibility.

Implementation of photovoltaic systems, with optimal performance certificate.

Materials and equipment supplies such as Solar Panels, Batteries, LED Lights, Solar LED Light, commercial and residential ecologic water heaters and so far.


Solar Construction LLC - Certified Solar Contractor - License Number CVC57026



  • Speaker at several mettings and conventions as the CFIA.
  • TUV certificate of recharging system installation for electric vehicles.
  • Winner of the contest for the Monterrey TEC University in Mexico.
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