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in generator installation.

Our expertise allows us to provide you with a very cost effective installation.

You can be sure that we can take care of any installation you need.

We always use premium equipment and products.

Add value to your property and your life.

We provide generators of the best brands, we work with the Generac brand, and we also carry out the installation and guide them in their correct operation.

Datasheet of residential gas generators

Every home and shopping area is different.
We quote based on a previous inspection.

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Our installers are trained and certified, we have spare parts and maintenance kits, and we make sure the installation is quick.

Hire certified installers.

Protect your business from damage caused by power outages.

Enjoy long hours of operation without the need to refuel.

Remember, we adjust to your needs.

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Solar Construction helps Florida residents install the highest quality, high capacity generators.

At Solar Construction, LLC we have different financing packages, check right now, we give you the support you need to protect your home and family during a blackout

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