Finnish plant generate Hydrogen and fuel from the CO2 captured from air.
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 20:18

Finnish plant generate Hydrogen and fuel from the CO2 captured from air.

The demonstration plant Soletair, developed by the Finnish Technical Investigation Center VTT and the Lappenranta Tech University (LUT), uses CO2 taken from air to produce renewable fuels and other chemical products. This plant is connected to the solar energy facility at Luppenranta.

The project objective is to demonstrate the technical performance of the whole project and generate 200 Lt. of fuel and other hydrocarbons for investigation purpose. There is no other plant like it where the total process, from the energy generation trough the hydrocarbons production, is placed in the same facility.  

The plant has 4 separated unites: a solar energy power plant, equipment to the separation of CO2 and air humidity, a section to produce hydrogen trough electrolysis and equipment to synthesize a crude oil substitute from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. All this units had been designed for small distribution, nevertheless the production capacity could grow adding more units.

  ‘This concept is an example of how the chemicals industries could be powered in the next years. The burning of fossil fuels should be ended by the year 2050, but people will still need some hydrocarbons‘, says the professor Jero Ahola from the LUT. ‘The final result will be the multisectorial industrial integration’, affirmed the scientific Pekka Simell from VTT, project coordinator.

VTT y LUT will be testing the plant on summer. After this frist phase of the project, synthesis units will be used at several projects across the EU for the next few years, in research investigation along with international corporations. Both organizations affirm that the obtained data during this first phase will be useful for the commercialization of this kind of technology. ‘New business opportunities will emerge for corporations that will benefict from the current carbon circular economy or chemical industries’’.

VTT y LUT has made an equipment invest for over a million Euros. The research has been funded by Tekes and other corporation such ABB,ENE Solar System, Green Energy Finland, Proventia, Hydrocell, Ineratec, Woikoski, Gasum and the Transport Security Finnish Agency (Trafi). 

Source: Renewable Energy

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