Sunport, solar energy without panels
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 20:06

Sunport, solar energy without panels

Do you like solar energy? Thanks to Sunport´s technology this is possible. This system lets you pay the solar energy used without panels.

The beauty of it, it’s the simple process which is as easy as plugin to the wall. Sunport is similar to a power adapter, once connected it measures the energy used and transform it to solar energy credits. One or two dollars of this credit is enough to a whole month.

With this device is no longer necessary to have solar panels installed at home to use solar power energy, you just buy it from other people.

Yes, it is true, it is more expensive but contributes to save the planet. Sunport developers say the system is like organic food which you pay more for but it is healthier and it helps the planet last longer. The best part is you know exactly where it comes from.


Solar credits are no Sunport invention, this already exist from long ago and it’s called ‘’Renewable Solar Energy Certificates’’ or S-RECs. One MWh of real solar energy added to the local power grid, generates one credit. This is the only way to use solar energy without been unplugged.


 On the contrary, SunJule is a Sunport invention. This is a solar microcredits measure that allow the fragmentation of a single S-REC and turn it affordable since a normal credit is a large amount of energy.  When using Sunport credits will be spend depends on the device connected.


This device connects wireless to your smartphone trough an App to check the energy use and buys automatically as solar credits as you need. Sunport cannot recharge your gadgets by itself but it promotes the addition to more solar power to the local power grid.

Source: Ecological diary

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